Who is organizing this event?

Jordan Caron aka Joca.

What if the event is cancelled?

We’ll need at least 30 people to sign up by October 31st for this event to proceed. If we don’t have enough people by then you will be issued a full refund via e-transfer.

What about Covid restrictions?

If the Province implements Covid restrictions before or after October 31st, you will be issued a full refund via e-transfer.

Is a Vaccine Passport required?

No. Proof of vaccination will not be required as this event is capped at 45 people. We have 5 practitioners and DJ’s making 50 but not all will be on site at the same time. We are following the guidelines laid out by the BC Government which requires events of 50 people or more to show their vaccine passport. We trust that everyone attending will spread love and would not attend if they had any symptoms.

How can I pay?

Please purchase a ticket on the tickets page. We are only accepting e-transfer to avoid fees from PayPal and other payment processors. After paying, Jordan will be in contact with you to grab some more details.

What is the full day pass?

It’s just that! A full day pass to all the events. We ask that you arrive at the Church of Truth at 111 Superior St in James Bay no later than 12:45 PM on November 20th to get settled in for the breathwork and yoga sessions starting at 1 PM. The doors will be closed until 3:30 PM to avoid distractions for the yoga and breathwork sessions.

What is the dance pass?

For those not wanting or able to partake in the full day of events, there are tickets just for the dance portion of the event. You may arrive after 3:30 PM to enjoy over 5 hours of dance from our DJ’s Julien Loreto, Joca and Freya.

Where do I park?

Please view this parking map for spots to park. All street parking is free on Saturday.

Is drinking alcohol allowed?

We want to keep this event sober as we will not be purchasing a liquor licence. Feel free to bring a few beers but please be sure to bring empties home with you to help the clean up efforts.

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