After the success of the first gathering in November of 2021, the time to chase the vibe once again is upon us! Enjoy a full day of healing modalities while connecting with other like minded souls.

We will gather in a safe and intimate space to spread love and positive vibes! Not only is this gathering about community but it’s also about your body. You’ll start off with yoga from Erin Keir and after that you’ll move to the mat and be guided on a conscious breathwork session with Wesley Jobe. We’ll break for some food and socializing before the the DJ’s offer up close to 3 hours of house and dance music. To end the night your soul and body will be nourished with a beautiful sound healing from Nicole McKenna. 

We have 26 full day tickets and 25 dance only tickets which you can purchase here. See the schedule and learn more about the facilitators and DJ’s below. The venue is the Church Of Truth at 111 Superior St.


Facilitators & DJ's

Erin Keir


Erin is a powerhouse of a teacher/guide/mentor, who harnesses her skill as a transformation Goddess to uplift the lives of everybody who crosses her path. A 500 hr RYT and energetic healer, Erin supports individuals and groups on their journey of transformation and empowerment of mind, body and soul. With a powerful declaration to live her most optimal healthy life regardless of circumstances, in the Spring of 2020 she chose to Rise and Shine daily plunging in Cold Pacific Ocean (Ocean Medicine) at 6:30AM while inspiring and creating conscious commUNITY. She is excited to be birthing a new heart~led business Spring Equinox March 20, 2022 “Let Shift Happen” Sacred Bundles.

Kyla Gagnon


I love all things coffee, travel and Breathwork 😉

Fitness Junkie turned Spiritual hippie is how I am often described lol and I dig it…

I found Conscious Connected in 2019…. or should I say it found Me…. like any good teaching or lesson….

I had been leading yoga and wellness retreats for a few years and felt like I had found my soul purpose…. and then…… BREATHWORK

You can now find me on any given day or night holding breath circles for men and women, facilitating personal expansion, compassion, forgiveness, inspiration, and whatever else the breath wants to show us…..

This is where I belong…..

Wesley Jobe


Hi, I’m Wesley Jobe!

I have been hosting events between Alberta and BC for about 6 years, from private one-on-one sessions to large collaborative groups at festivals, all centered around mindfulness, self realization, relationship building, and emotional vulnerability.

I am a trained Numa Somatics breathwork facilitator, hatha yoga teacher, qigong instructor, and sound healer, and combine these skills and passions to heal from my own self-limiting beliefs first, and then transmitting that love in supporting others to open up more and more to the joy of life in our natural flowing state of being. I am deeply committed to welcoming people as they are, and infusing so much loving curiosity so as to uplift them to a state where discovery and manifestation of their highest personal visions becomes inevitable!

Matt Sauer


I am a fucking Groover, through and through. I feel my relationship with music as something speaking through me, through the music. Many of the playlists I create originate from a feeling. When something comes up, I find a song that feels right, shuffle the song radio, and let it flow. Music helps to bring me deeper, with Presence. I close my eyes (wait, here is what I was just talking about. As I write this, the song I am listening to said “close your eyes”…. as I was writing it… Coincidence? For me, not when it happens over and over again. (Dance with Me by Chris Lake) ) Call me a Hippie. Call me whatever you would like, but I believe that when we experience a heightened awareness, we can recognize, the sometimes subtle and sometimes profound, messages and wisdom from the Universe. Enjoy beauties! THIS IS REAL.


Joca got inspired to DJ after listening to Armin Van Buuren’s Essential Mix in 2003. Having been listening to Trance since 2000 and the likes of Tiesto, Armin and Ferry Corsten, he wanted to play the trance they did to his local trance lovers. Within a year he secured his first gig playing melodic and uplifting trance and progressive house.

For seven years he was a stable in Victoria and Vancouver trance and progressive house scene having played alongside Sharam, Andy Moor and Ferry Corsten. After some time off he’s returned to DJ’ing with his Chasing The Vibe mix series. His mixes are sure to take you on a journey full of deep, melodic and progressive house music.



MyLove is a fiery, burning desire to find the absolute best house music has to offer.

Nicole McKenna


Nicole has been a healing practitioner for the past 10 years on Vancouver Island. Throughout her journey she has been able to explore many modalities that light her up. Astrology, Tarot, Sound Healing, Kundalini and Teaching have become her specialties. Nicole is passionate about being a safe container where profound self connection and healing can take place


Where is the venue?

We are at the Church Of Truth at 111 Superior St.

How can I pay?

Please purchase a ticket on the tickets page. We are only accepting e-transfer to avoid fees from PayPal and other payment processors. After paying, Jordan aka Joca will be in contact with you to confirm payment.

What is the full day ticket?

It’s just that! Full access to all the events. We ask that you arrive at the venue no later than 1:50 PM on April 30th to get settled in for the Qi Gong session starting at 2 PM. You will be made aware of the venue once you have purchased a ticket. The doors will be closed until 6 PM to avoid distractions for the qi gong, oga and breathwork sessions.

What is the dance ticket?

It’s simply access to the DJ’s and dance portion of the event along with the sound healing to close. If you are staying for the sound healing, you might want to bring a yoga mat, blanket and pillow for comfort. You will be able to access the venue anytime after 6:30 PM. Jordan will be in contact with you for instructions.

Is food provided?

We’ll be ordering a few small vegan pizzas from Vegabond Pies will be provided but you will need to bring any other food or drink. There will be access to a fridge and a couple of coolers to keep your items fresh.

What else do I need to bring?

Along with your positive vibes, here’s what else you can bring:

  • yoga mat
  • blanket and or pillow(s)
  • comfortable clothes/shoes to dance in
  • any extra food

Is drinking alcohol allowed?

We want to keep this event as sober as possible. We will not be purchasing a liquor licence but feel free to bring a few beers. We ask that you please be sure to bring empties home with you to help the clean up efforts.

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