It’s been a busy last few months for me and feeling a little deep and introverted which shines through in this mix. Lots of amazing music coming out and I am so thankful to the artists and labels for releasing such beautiful and emotional music!


Missfeat – Time Trippers [3rd Avenue]
Andre Moret – Metamorphosis [For Senses Records]
Pinkowitz – Liquid Memories [Be Adult Music]
Nicolas Soria – Cover & Flowers [Steller Fountain]
Double Touch – Next World [Amulanga]
Molac & Nicolas Giordano – A Liminal Space [Melody Of the Soul]
Secretly Famous – Razu Kamore (Peshta Gora Remix) [3rd Avenue]
Dulus – Tyson
Anton MAke – Magma [Truesounds Music]
Ric Niels – Dracarys [Juicebox]
Maezbi – Talus [Plattenbank]
Agustin Pietrocola – On My Mind [Mango Alley]
Hicky & Halo – Voyage [Plaisirs Sonores Records]
Dylan Deck – Eternity (Cream (PL) Remix) [Moussaieff Records]
Dowden & Ben Tauber – Pulsar (EMPHI Remix) [WARPP]

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