It slipped my mind in the intro message but I am playing on July 15th for @bastiangarciaofficial and his new Transmute events brand!! If you are in Victoria, message me for tickets as there might be a few left.

I took a month off from mixes to focus on my live sets. Thanks to Lamplight, Footwork Entertainment and the Camp Asterix, Thirrrsty Barrr! and Ironic Spin sound stages at Otherworld for all having me along.

Cover Art generated by AI at Midjourney

Joca – Spring Sprinkle
Joca – Rising From A Hollow


Daniel – From Here To There In Under A Second
Max Wexem – Mira
Return To Saturn – Deeper Than The Ocean
Modd & Lisandro – Simalarrian
Andrea Cassino & Lio Q – San Telmo
Roy Rosenfeld – Kala
Khen – Maple
Tim Green – It’s Only Lighting
Gorje Hewek & Dulus – Earth
Shai T – Semitone
Nareg – Rise And Expand

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