Jellyfish have no heart, brain, blood or bones. Are they aliens or what?! Regardless of what they are, they are fascinating and very beautiful creatures.

No intro message on this mix as I wanted to really pull you in with the first track which is an ambient track I heard in a recent yoga class I was in. Despite being no intro message, I still have some events I’d like to share with you! Check out my bio page for details.

The Artists

Cover Image courtesy Yichun Lu @ Unsplash


Master Minded – Surrender
Devrient – Shea
Eight Dimension – Lost Reserve (David Shumann Remix)
Tibor Dragen – Ballade
Draso – Hygge
Nōpi – Road To Babylon
Somlee – Sacramental Song
about : river – Together (RIGOONI Remix)
Bastian Garcia – Caliban
Replicants, Ismaehl – Manahual
Dowden – Hallstatt
Paul Deep (AR) – Masha
Dmitry Molosh – Narodnaya
Gorje Hewek, Hernan Cattaneo & Dulus – Kaleidoscope

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