Recently I watched the Our Universe documentary series on Netflix. One of the episodes followed a sea turtle and I was fascinated by how they navigate the waters.

Part of their navigation system in the open ocean is the earth’s magnetic field! Depending on the specific location on earth, the magnetic field has a specific inclination and intensity. Sea turtles seem to be able to sense this signature. When turtles are placed experimentally in the magnetic field of a different location with the use of an electric coil, they will adapt swimming directions as if they have changed to the location of the magnetic field!

Thanks for listening and sharing if you enjoyed it!

Cover Image Courtesy of Francesco Ungaro @ungarophrancesco on Unsplash


Krasa Rosa – Vzor
Dre Guazzelli & Drelirium – Chichen Itzá
Polo – Heavy Heart
Madraas – Echoes
Serious Dancers – Etherio
Tim Green – Tears
Luka Sambe & Filter Bear – Afterthen
Seven Wells – Heaven Holds You (Domingo + Loveclub Remix)
Jelly For The Babies – My Heart Is Heavy
Krasa Rosa – Uletai
Sebastien Leger – Extassy
11- RIGOONI – Ode (Greg Ochman Remix)
Zankee Gulati – Sinerxia
Kasper Koman – The Observer
Franco Dalmati – Sensations (Return To Saturn Remix)
Aurel den Bossa – The Sky Is Red (Florian Gasperini Remix)
Khen – Angel’s Share
Tim Green – Battle Illusion
Zone+ – Mirage
van Sandhas – Kalopsia
George X & Plecta – Peitho
Loveclub, Maxxim & Domingo + – Mystique

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