Fall is my favourite season for a lot of different reasons. But it’s also a season to let go and there is something I need to really let go of. It’s been holding me back in so many ways. I keep getting sucked back in to its darkness. My intention is to shed its layers over the next few months.

What can you let go of this fall season?

Cover Image Courtesy of Daniel Morris @ Unsplash


Alessio Serra – Talk In Space
Rowee – The Ocean of Mermaids
Hermanez – Heavens of Seven
Akira – Close to Itajai
Lost Desert & Junior – Yo Nde (M.O.S. Remix)
Alberto Hernandez – About You
Oliver and Tom – Bruges
Enigmatic – Vysoko
Florian Gasperini – Way To The Other World
Makebo – Just A Dream

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