It’s a proud day for me as 3 of my tracks are released on Hexagonal Music!! It’s been a slow process trying to learn the production side but I’m proud of hiring some help and putting in the time to create my own music.

Run to The Light, Moody Moon and Juniper Meadow have a more progressive house feel which has been the style of music I’d spun for the last 12 years or so. You can purchase on Beatport or stream on Spotify.

Here are my descriptions of each track below.

Run To The Light

The name comes from a part of Joaquin Phoenix’s 2020 Oscar speech where he referenced his River’s lyrics of song he wrote when he was 17. The lyrics where “Run to the rescue with love and peace will follow.” I took that and though more about life and death believing that we should all not fear our deaths and run to the light at the end of the tunnel before we await what’s on the other side, whatever it is you believe.

An energetic and uplifting track with a main melody that drives you towards the break where you are met with beautiful and atmospheric pad to take you home.

Juniper Meadow

During a hike about a year ago up on Mt. Washington I came across this juniper meadow and thought, yep, that’s going to be the next name of one of my tracks!

An uplifting progressive house track that goes back to Joca’s roots and love for trance with synths that remind him of the trance from pre 2001.

Moody Moon

Since this track has a little darker feel to it, it reminds of me of the fall moons that we see where there is a little fog or even orange colour emanating from it. To me I think the moon is being moody as such with the shorter days and as we head to more darkness over the fall and winter in the northern hemisphere.

Moody Moon has a deeper and darker edge to it with the main melody taking you to the break.

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