Here’s a live recording from the Chase The Sunset event Michael Toru and I put on earlier this month. It’s another free flow mix which has really helped my confidence behind the decks and track selection and mix progression. I use to plan out all these mixes but playing live has helped with free flowing and winging these mixes.

Cover Image Courtesy of Lorisha Bühler Ferrara @ Unsplash.

Streaming link in my and story! Thanks for lending me your ears and your time.


Zone+ – A Balloon in the Wind (Ambient)
Alessio Serra – Strangers Violins (Nicolas Giordano Remix)
N’Pot – Wood Spirit (Taleman Remix)
Izhevski & Emotional Tourist – La Rambla
Mathew Jonson & Quenum – Cyclops (Tim Green Remix)
Deek That – Ramdeesun
Hermanez, Lost Desert & Volen Sentir – Jinx (Volen Sentir Pure Magic Healing)
Ventt – Vecher
Nacho Varela & Cruz Vittor – Alom
Josta – Waterworks (Thales Senses Remix)
atalkingdrum feat Niña indigo – Net Gran Its (Nohan Remix)

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