I’ve switched things up a bit for this months mix and started off with some deeper and grooving house. Pushing myself and away from playing what’s comfortable and the style I tend to play. With that said, I got half way through the mix and reverted back to what’s comfortable and the organic house sounds!

Also, Dolphins are amazing creatures and if you haven’t watch the documentary The Cove, you must. Still to this day it’s the most moving and powerful nature documentaries I’ve seen which talks about captive Dolphins and the slaughtering of them in Taiji Japan that is still going in. Ric O’Barry who trained Cathy, the Dolphin in Flipper, is behind it. There is a deeply emotional scene where he talks about Cathy committing suicide while he was in the tank with her. That was the moment he turned into an activist against captive Dolphins.

Anyways, give it a watch and support The Dolphin Project.

The Cove
The Dolphin Project


So much love and gratitude goes out to these amazing producers and artists.

Pornbugs – Fiducia
Retza – Nene
Gorge – Never Stop
Alexander Matchak – Dark Heavens
SDK – What They Want (Nacho Varela & Cruz Vittor Remix)
Sébastien Léger & Tim Green – Duel
Volen Sentir – Mitra
Kamilo Sanclemente – Evergreen
Ventt & Keparys – Vecher
swoof – Tidal – (Tim Green Remix)

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