Thank you to anyone who has supported me. Whether it’s through my music, my businesses, when I needed a helping hand or when I need support dealing with my struggles, thanks for being there for me when I needed you.

This months mix features some artists I’ve never featured so excited to showcase their tracks and to follow them moving forward.


Alessio Serra – Strangers Violins (Nicolas Giordano Remix) 
Alley SA & Marley Hughes – Reishi
Cryptic Realms – Products Of Our Past 
Leon Lobato & Ammy Romo – Pax (Eduardo McGregor Remix)
Badin Brothers – Strelitza
Soul Button – Circadian Rhythm (Hraach Remix)
Nick Lewis – A Quiet Place (Chris Brid Remix)
West & Hill – Valaam
Amonita – Ainu
Ventt & Modd – Space Between Us
Simon Vuarambon – Lazos
Somelee – Limba La

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