A slightly different mix to start the year off with lots of big energy! My goal this year is to do a monthly mix so here we go.

The Artists

Cover Photo

Cover photo courtesy from one of my close friends and amazing photographer Matt Sauer.

I had another Eagle photo chosen for this mix but Matt has recently been posting some epic shots of a recent road trip he took. He posted this one and I reached out asking if I could use it for a cover photo. Even though we’ve known each other for a short period of time, I consider him a close friend and I love his willingness to share deeply what’s going on. Through our sharing we’ve come to realize a lot similarities in our past experiences and who we want to me.


Everything Counts – It’s Time
Artche – Lungs
Enamour & Rinzen – Miracle of the Sun
Jecksel – Hopeless
Khen – Born Out
BOg & Tim Engelhardt – Astronauts
Halo Varga- Future (Guy J Remix)
James Solace – Ghost Town
Simon Doty – S4
Luka Sambe – Spy Games
Yet More ft Jessica Zese – Exodus


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