One of the goals I set for myself in 2021 was to start producing my own music. I wanted to be patient and have lower expectations for how long it might take to create quality enough music to get released on a label.

But thanks to the help of Dowden music and consistently spending time getting better, my first two tracks are being released today Beatport on Beyond The Moon!!! If you haven’t heard them, listen to the samples of Blue Flame and Fern Forest below on Soundcloud or stream on Spotify and purchase on Beatport.

Fern Forest is named after embarking on an epic hike in February of last year. I came across this forest of ferns down by McKenize Bight. It was a reminder of how much I love ferns and nature.  I took some photos and wrote a detailed post about it on Instagram. In that post I mentioned wanting to follow my dreams and pursue my passion for music more by learning production.

Blue Flame is named after a breathwork session I had with Ocian Sound. Breathwork has been a big part of my life and healing. So has Ocian and I look forward to continuing my healing with her and possible doing a track together with her amazing voice!

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