I wanted to finish the year off with an off the cuff mix of some tracks I originally wanted to put on my last mix. Included on this mix is my second track called Blue Flame which is soon to be released on Beyond The Moon.

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The Artists

Cover Photo

Cover Photo courtesy of @gerandeklerk Unsplash

After watching a lot nature documentaries over the years, I now find Elephants beautiful an amazing creatures. I never thought that before. It’s also sad that their tusks are being poached. If you haven’t, please watch the Ivory Game documentary to learn more about the illegal trade of tusks. Blame China is all I will say…


Aykut Bilir – Dråpe
Draso – A Day After
Joca – Blue Flame
Ilias Katelanos – Absence
Ancone – Forgotten Shores
Liquidlab – Kurkuma
Pambouk & Miraval – Canyon Beauty
Amonita – Deja Vu
Alessio Serra – Summer Flight
Cornucopia – River Of Memories

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