Given that Father’s Day has just passed, this one is dedicated in memory of my Father, Lloyd Roy Caron who passed in 2005. I just came back from dinner with my mom and she shared with me that she found some love letters they had written to each other when they first started dating in their early 20’s. It was so heart warming to hear about their love for each other and to learn more about the man he was before I was born.

I remember when I first started DJ’ing he built a setup for my turntables which made it easier on my back. He really enjoyed my first few mixes and it was cool to see him dance around to them. For years I thought my dad was this big tough Grizzly Bear but underneath he was a cuddly teddy bear filled with love. Don’t be fooled by the cover photo because much like him, this mix is full of deep, emotional and heart warming melodies inside. This one’s for you dad!

The Artists

Cover Photo

Cover Photo by Zdeněk Macháček from Unsplash


Death on the Balcony & Flowers on Monday – Crystal
Mariano Montori – Concept (VieL Remix)
Slow Hearts – Menari
RIGOONI – Petrichor
Valdovinos – Rocket Love
Bona-Fide & M.O.S. – Balafon
Madraas – Moonlit Blossom
Slow Hearts – Eyepads (Tim Green Remix)
Ilya Gerus – Monifa
Emotional Tourist & Interlude – Woodstock ’69
about : river – Silver Dusk (Volen Sentir Retouch)

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