This idea has been brewing in our head for awhile. Joca has seen a few communities across the world hold similar events with great success as they bring people together and focus on spiritual healing. Over the last year he’s built close friendships with the practitioners and DJ’s guiding you on November 20th. Soon after meeting them, he shared his vision and they all wanted to be a part of it.

With all that is going in the world, the time feels right to come together in a safe and intimate space. You’ll spend the day chasing the vibe with other beautiful and like minded people. Not only is our event about community but it’s also about your body. You’ll start off with yoga from Michael Toru and after that you’ll move to the mat and be guided on a conscious breathwork session with Ocian Sound and support from Wesley Jobe. Then you’ll nourish your body with vegan food. Click here to view the menu. This will help fuel you for 4.5 hours of dance to deep, melodic and progressive house music from Julien Loreto, and Joca.

This offering falls in the category of Spiritual Worship Service and is exempt from mandatory masks and passport ID’s.


Facilitators & DJ's

Michael Toru

For over a decade Michael has been practicing yoga and experiencing the profound effects it has on his physical and mental health. After being diagnosed with Crohn’s disease it was essential he found a practice that would help him feel better. 🧘🏽‍♂️

Now as a yoga teacher he feels blessed to share the medicine of yoga with you. His intention as a teacher is to Raise Your Vibe and make you feel awesome. His teachings are inspired by Blissology Yoga, Movement Flow, vinyasa, tai chi, and calisthenics bodyweight movement.

Ocian Sound

Ocian has honed in on the Layers of Listening to offer a unique perspective on sound and voice and what they each have to offer Nūma Somatics Breathwork. Sound is an integral piece of Nūma Somatics Breathwork which seamlessly unfolds so beautifully in each session for all practitioners and facilitators.

Numa Somatics is a psycho-emotional therapy that weaves together conscious connected breathwork, somatic spontaneous movement and medicinal sound therapy.

Julien Loreto

After many sleepless nights dancing to the house and techno house sounds of the mid 90’s, Julien fell under the spell of masterful DJ’s like Richiew Hawtin, Derrick May and Derrick Carter. Late nights were all about dancing and listening to the techniques, programing and mixing styles of the experienced DJ. At the age of 17, Julien started making mix tapes for friends. The early mix tapes led to dj sets at house parties and one off events, which eventually opened the doors to Julien’s first club gig.

A true DJ at heart and in the soul, Julien began making waves in his home city with residencies at the world-renowned Guvernment and Toronto after hours favorite, Comfort Zone. His selected blend of house, techno and minimal music combined with a magnetic charisma behind the decks, has moved dance floors from New York to Ibiza, Mexico to Miami, and beyond.


Joca got inspired to DJ after listening to Armin Van Buuren’s Essential Mix in 2003. Having been listening to Trance since 2000 and the likes of Tiesto, Armin and Ferry Corsten, he wanted to play the trance they did to his local trance lovers. Within a year he secured his first gig playing melodic and uplifting trance and progressive house.

For seven years he was a stable in Victoria and Vancouver trance and progressive house scene having played alongside Sharam, Andy Moor and Ferry Corsten. After some time off he’s returned to DJ’ing with his Chasing The Vibe mix series. His mixes are sure to take you on a journey full of deep, melodic and progressive house music.


How can I pay?

Please purchase a ticket on the tickets page. We are only accepting e-transfer to avoid fees from PayPal and other payment processors. After paying, Jordan will be in contact with you to grab some more details.

What is the full day pass?

It’s just that! A full day pass to all the events. We ask that you arrive at the venue no later than 12:55 PM on November 20th to get settled in for the breathwork and yoga sessions starting at 1 PM. You will be made aware of the venue once you have purchased a ticket. The doors will be closed until 5 PM to avoid distractions for the yoga and breathwork sessions.

Is drinking alcohol allowed?

We want to keep this event as sober as possible. We will not be purchasing a liquor licence. Feel free to bring a few beers but please be sure to bring empties home with you to help the clean up efforts.

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