After nearly twenty years of being heavily immersed in the world of trance, progressive house and organic house as a DJ, Jordan Caron aka Joca, makes his dive into the production world. Growing up, he was never interested in music or learning an instrument, and it was until 2021 that he decided to dive into the world of learning music production and creating his own productions.

Learning to create music and understanding what goes into making high-quality productions has been a challenging yet magical journey for him. After completing his first two tracks, he felt comfortable reaching out to labels, was pleasantly surprised with the positive feedback, and was excited to have ‘Blue Flame’ and ‘Fern Forest’ released on Beyond The Moon.

In 2023, two of his releases saw the light of day on the storied 3rd Avenue label. He has more productions and remixes in the works for 2024. Also, he has joined the 3rd Avenue label, where he will be a label manager in charge of remixes.

Follow his journey at any of the social media and music streaming platforms below!

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Joca - Chasing The Vibe 045

It’s been a busy last few months for me and feeling a little deep and introverted which shines through in this mix. Lots of amazing music coming out and I am so thankful to the artists and labels for releasing such beautiful and emotional music!


Rossalto - Rising Hope (Joca Remix)

Back in November, I was approached by Madloch from 3rd Avenue, asking about wanting to try my hand at remixes. He sent me five tracks, and I instantly fell in love with Rossalto’s – Rising Hope since I had not crossed paths with it yet. I didn’t have any ideas for what I would do for the remix, but when I started working away at it, I was able to carve out and create something that I really liked! I have yet to create much as a producer, but I am happy with where I am on this journey and each track I make.

This remix is something I am proud of, and I hope you enjoy it! The streaming and download link is on my bio. Thanks to Madloch, 3rd Avenue and Rossalto. ❤️🙏🎶😎


A massive thanks to Elbated Records for allowing me to share this special guest mix. It’s jammed with a few of my favourite releases from the last few months and my newest original track!


Hidden Garden Radio #085 by Joca

My guest mix for Hidden Garden is live! It’s a live set from December 16th Footwork Entertainment show with MC Flipside.


Joca - Chasing The Vibe 044

I’m ending the year with a really nice two hour mix flowing through organic house and into progressive house.

I’ve got a long intro message where I share more so I’ll save the text and let you get to know the amazing artists!

j khobb joca remix

J. Khobb - Idyllic Moment (Joca Remix)

I recently watched an excellent documentary series called ‘Everything Is A Remix‘. It inspired me to not be afraid of using loops or samples within my productions. I’m not overdoing it, as I want to have as many elements of each track created by me as possible.

I share this because I’ve recently finished 3 remixes and the first one is being released tomorrow!! All three have been completed fairly quickly, as it’s easier when you have elements to work with. Thanks to Madloch and his Future Avenue label for allowing me to give my productions a release. You can stream my J Khobb – Indyllic Moment remix on SoundCloud at the link below.

under a willow

Joca - Under a Willow & Longing for the Past

Under a Willow is a dreamy track that reminds me of something you can listen to on a warm summer afternoon. The name comes from a beautiful willow tree that was in my old neighbourhood. While going for walks, I would take a moment to enjoy the majestic beauty of this willow. It was one someone’s property so I couldn’t sit under it. But I wanted to!

Longing for the Past is my take on a progressive house track that is influenced by the trance music of the late 90’s and early 2000’s. This also takes me back to a time in my life when things were less complicated.


Joca - Chasing The Vibe 043

Time to shine a light on the darkness within us.

There is a fantastic crop of South American producers that I look up to, and I have featured a lot of them in this month’s mix. Beautiful and hypnotic melodies laid over top of groovy basslines make this music multi-functional. Enjoy this journey into the pit.


Joca - Chasing The Vibe 042

The cover art and the lyrics from Tim Green’s The Night is Blue are perfect! And it wasn’t on purpose. I searched Midjourney after I recorded the mix and was looking for ideas with a full moon since there was one last night. Things have a way of working themselves out.


Joca - Chasing The Vibe 041

It slipped my mind in the intro message but I am playing on July 15th for Bastian Garcia and his new Transmute events brand!! If you are in Victoria, message me for tickets as there might be a few left.

I took a month off from mixes to focus on my live sets. Thanks to Lamplight, Footwork Entertainment and the Camp Asterix, Thirrrsty Barrr! and Ironic Spin sound stages at Otherworld for all having me along.

Cover Art generated by AI at Midjourney


Joca - Chasing The Vibe 040

I alluded to this last fall that I would make the 40th Chasing The Vibe special, and I’ve followed through with an all-vinyl mix! It’s a collection of tracks I purchased from 2003 to 2006 when I first started DJ’ing in April 2003. So it’s a celebration of doing this for 20 years. I haven’t been active in 20 years but I have always listened to some form of 4 X 4 House or Trance.

Joca - Chasing The Vibe 039

Jellyfish have no heart, brain, blood or bones. Are they aliens or what?! Regardless of what they are, they are fascinating and very beautiful creatures.

No intro message on this mix as I wanted to really pull you in with the first track which is an ambient track I heard in a recent yoga class I was in.


Joca - Chasing The Vibe 038

Continuing the theme of creating something different, this Chasing The Vibe has some slower beats. I started and ending with some ambient music to slowly bring you in and out of the 1 hour mix which is has a nice mix of Middle Eastern and African tribal vibes.


Joca - Chasing The Vibe 037

Like a butterfly, I’ve been evolving and making lots of changes over the last few years. This mix is a change from my last few mixes. I dug into some other genres on Beatport and found some nice deep house, indie dance and minimal deep tech, which sounds like house to me!

Cover Image Courtesy of Andra C Taylor Jr on Unsplash


Joca - Chasing The Vibe 036

Recently I watched the Our Universe documentary series on Netflix. One of the episodes followed a sea turtle and I was fascinated by how they navigate the waters.

Sea turtles seem to be able to sense this signature. When turtles are placed experimentally in the magnetic field of a different location with the use of an electric coil, they will adapt swimming directions as if they have changed to the location of the magnetic field!


Joca - Chasing The Vibe 035

This month’s mix is a recording from Lucid Grove on November 19th. It was a really nice and intimate night. I played from 8:15 to 10 PM and my friend Sean Widmer who DJ’d before me closed the evening down with a beautiful sound healing.

Cover Image Courtesy of Philipp Pilz @ Unsplash


Joca - Chasing The Vibe 034

This month’s mix is deeper and darker. There’s a few tracks that have been loaded in my Beatport cart for almost 3 years now just waiting for when I would put them together in a mix like this. It’s a nice way to bring into the darkness of the fall and winter months. Thanks for listening and sharing if you enjoyed it!

Cover Image Courtesy of Chris Ensminger @ Unsplash

Joca - Chasing The Vibe 033

Fall is my favourite season for a lot of different reasons. But it’s also a season to let go and there is something I need to really let go of. It’s been holding me back in so many ways. I keep getting sucked back in to its darkness. My intention is to shed its layers over the next few months.

What can you let go of this fall season?

Cover Image Courtesy of Daniel Morris @ Unsplash


Joca - Run to the Light EP

It’s a proud day for me as 3 of my tracks are released on Hexagonal Music!! It’s been a slow process trying to learn the production side but I’m proud of putting int the time and investing in myself and hiring a coach to help with the process.


Joca - Chasing The Vibe 032

Here’s a live recording from the Chase The Sunset event Michael Toru and I put on earlier this month. It’s another free flow mix which has really helped my confidence behind the decks and track selection and mix progression. I use to plan out all these mixes but playing live has helped with free flowing and winging these mixes.

Cover Image Courtesy of Lorisha Bühler Ferrara @ Unsplash.

CTV031 Website Cover

Joca - Chasing The Vibe 031

I had a chance to share some music for Mary Lloyd’s Silent DJ Victoria down at Willows Beach a couple of Sunday’s ago. The set turned out really well and I recorded for you. It’s what I think would be perfect for chilling on the beach on a beautiful sunny afternoon!


Joca - Chasing The Vibe 030

I’ve switched things up a bit for this months mix and started off with some deeper and grooving house. Pushing myself and away from playing what’s comfortable and the style I tend to play. With that said, I got half way through the mix and reverted back to what’s comfortable and the organic house sounds!

Joca - Chasing The Vibe 029

This is Chili and he’s an amazing dog and friend! But he’s not mine however he’s a reminder of how much I love animals and I look forward to getting my own dog when I move next year.

Joca - Chasing The Vibe 028

The culture for the most part is to dance facing the DJ and as I’ve played out more recently, I realized that this makes me uncomfortable as I can be shy, introverted and rigid in my body. I also get to bogged down in flow of the mix ensuring everyone else enjoys the mix but not myself. This is a common nice guy trait, putting others needs and wants ahead of yours and something I’m improving on. Oddly enough this came up early at the event in the breathwork session.


Joca - Chasing The Vibe 027

Thank you to anyone who has supported me. Whether it’s through my music, my businesses, when I needed a helping hand or when I need support dealing with my struggles, thanks for being there for me when I needed you.

This months mix features some artists I’ve never featured so excited to showcase their tracks and to follow them moving forward.


Joca - Chasing The Vibe 026

Lots of heavy stuff happening in the world and I’m sending love and compassion to everyone out there. This mix is a little deeper and darker but showing love and compassion to those dark forces is something I believe we should try our best to do.

Joca - Chasing The Vibe 025

A slightly different mix to start the year off with lots of big energy! My goal this year is to do a monthly mix so here we go. The Artists Cover Photo Cover photo courtesy from one of my close friends and amazing photographer Matt Sauer.


Joca - Blue Flame & Fern Forest

One of the goals I set for myself in 2021 was to start producing my own music. I wanted to be patient and have lower expectations for how long it might take to create quality enough music to get released on a label.

Joca - Chasing The Vibe 024

I wanted to finish the year off with an off the cuff mix of some tracks I originally wanted to put on my last mix. Included on this mix is my second track called Blue Flame which is soon to be released on Beyond The Moon.

Joca - Chasing The Vibe 023

New mix which was what I played at the first Chase The Vibe event on November 20th 2021.

Joca - Chasing The Vibe 022

Given that Father’s Day has just passed, this one is dedicated in memory of my Father, Lloyd Roy Caron who passed in 2005. I just came back from dinner with my mom and she shared with me that she found some love letters they had written to each other when they first started dating in their early 20’s. It was so heart warming to hear about their love for each other and to learn more about the man he was before I was born.